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¡Por fin llega la novella más famosa del rey de las novelas gráficas Alan Moore La cosa del pantano La liga de los caballeros extraordinarios ¿Qué pagarías por conocer el secreto de los lagartos? En este relato que presenta la historia de una joven prostituta que ha cometido un terrible sacrificio y es capaz de ver y oír pero no de hablar o moverse para conseguir un poder sin parangón Som Som deberá resolver un terrible dilema para conseguir usar sus habilidades ¿pero vale la pena?

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    This graphic novel adapts a World Fantasy Award novella Hypothetical Lizard about Som Som a young prostitute working in a brothel frequented by wizards It’s adapted by Antony Johnson and illustrated in black and white by Lorenzo Lorente and Sebastian Fiumara and this volume also contains the original story which I read to help me clarify what is going on because it’s opaque ethereal mysterious all that It’s fantasy with some real darkness in it And magic and a kind of Faustian bargain for knowledge And sexuality some dark eroticism The brothel is frequented by wizards and Som Som has particular interest in what wizards know so she is willing to exchange things for this knowledge She gives up her ability to speak and act through cosmetic and brain surgery in exchange for an ability to know such secrets She can still see and hear She wears a porcelain mask on half of her face so there’s a yinyang or comedytragedy dramatic effect Som Som is also fascinatedhorrified by one tale of psychological domination she is aware of acts of revenge on her friend Rawra Chin by Chin’s lover In order to have her lover Rawra gives up certain things which she is willing to do A psychological bargain which becomes the focus of the story even as it becomes abusive I’ve read it now a couple times and I am surprised I had never heard of it before Probably because I mainly know Moore’s graphic work and this is never mentioned as among the best But I think its award winning reputation as a fantasy story is well deserved And as a graphic adaptation it fits the tone of the story It’s both a little horrifying and quite haunting finally a tale of domination and what you may be willing to give up for loveknowledge something we see in both Som Som and Rawra I think it’s really great work overall fascinating and mysterious

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    Beautiful The art black and white is dreamlike The story is tragic and fantastic The world it takes place in is amazing A story of love trust and betrayal All taking place in a brothel catering to the magical beings surrounding them The brothel itself houses many bizarre people some born that way and some modified Som som is modified She has made the ultimate sacrife by separating her brain in two She can hear but cannot speak of it She can speak clearly but only snippets of her past All so she could be a wizard's whoreThrough Som Som we see the tragedy unfold And it is as tragic as it is magical

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    This is an incredible work I find that even to try and describe what 'A Hypothetical Lizard' is about puts me under significant introspective strain It is a mirror maze of love sex betrayal identity magic and fantasy packaged in a copper ball of existentialism You'll know what I mean when you read itIf you think all that seems like a lot to accomplish in a graphic novella adapted from a short story you probably did not read the name of the author Alan Moore's writing is so hypnotically brilliant that it threatens to render the art unnecessary but Lorenzo Lorente's beautiful and ghostly pencil work acts a sieve that crystallizes the exquisite proseAnd how can you resist a title as good as that?

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    As much as I like Alan Moore's comics I really do love his prose So I bought this as it was a short story and included the story as well as a comic adaptation of the story I read the story first and really loved it It was a depressing story about your sense of self freedom choice and had a transgender main character The prose was lovely and created this wonderful vivid world and people The comic I thought would never be able to hold up to the way I imagined it and it didn't It cut out bits and the Rawra Chin was not nearly beautiful enough That said I really did like the story and would definitely recommend it

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    071711Reread 42015 Not as traumatic as the first time I read it since I knew what was coming this time It's still horrifically fascinating and I would kill to get stories in this world

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    I read it cover to cover in the dead of night when I should very much have been asleep When I first put it down I thought 'wow I did NOT like that one' And then I thought 'but why what's not to like?' And then I realized that I found myself doubly attracted and disgusted by much the same elements of the story And then I thought on it and thought 'that that was a pretty good feat which shud come around often' This is good horrorI quite liked the little conundrum that wraps around the story And I think that I think that More's amalgamation of so many genres mystery horror drama tragedy and fantasy was quite smashingly done all while nodding to one of my fav horror novellas of all timeAnd all is well that ends well I always sayand this one quite does Well to my mind anywayFinal verdict this one is pretty fun

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    It would have been perfectly possible not to set this story in a brothel Moore's becoming a bit like Frank Miller eh wot?Corpos callosum righty ho Amazing concepts stunning metaphors twisted love story Basically a short story set to images The art is functional somewhat stylish a bit limited in imagination But it works

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    After sampling and disqualifying Grant Morrison's The Filth as adequate T material I settled on ye old faithful wizard Moore while waiting for it all to kick in It ended up beginning middling and peaking the T Blew my mind One of the nice things I remember from From Hell was this idea that the corpus callosum has been thickening over the centuries of our species increasing communication between the hemispheres but also reducing the impact of the intuitive non verbal right which was responsible for our visions and magicks from when the hemispheres were autonomous This takes that idea to its logical extreme for a mechanistic species confident about engineering biology until I learned later that this was one of his first ever stories way before From Hell I can't seem to find any additional works developing Som Som as a character which strikes me as strange given that the full implication of her corpus callosotomy is never explored in its all delicious promise There are some minor logistics like depth perception but otherwise the mindbending spacetime realignment and shamanic magick potential is left out entirely perhaps for Promethea or his Lovecraftian series At the end while vertigo was pulling my right into the various top view panels I had the distinct suspicion the entire story was being experienced by Som Som simultaneously and we'd get a glimpse of how time works differently in her trapped mind but nah There ends my one complaint because it was equally impactful to have an incredibly convoluted premise used for nothing than a compelling wrapper for an omniscient yet impotent narrator It mirrored my own experience as a reader the sense of inevitability and dread when R has her head shaved apparently helpless and already a shadow of her strident past The rabbithole gets and twisted and shocking and there is nothing I Som Som can do despite knowing exactly what's happening and where things are leading Then when the 'layers of meaning fold in on each other' the story mirrors the past exactly the abandonment and guilt the resentment and rage the suicide and murder the waiting carriage and parting glance The last two issues are relentlessly chilling in their psychopathy destroying R in slow medium and then breakneck steps not by doing unto her but allowing her to do unto herself Ice cold Noone plays on Pareidolia quite like Moore peculiarly I can't find anything authoritative on Google about the role of a writer vs illustrator so I'm currently sticking with the premise that Moore plans the panels fully and Antony Johnston who I've only now discovered did those wonderful Wasteland comics just draws them Every dark portion of a panel adds not just texture but meaning mostly imagined but through a controlled experiment I did conclude that the strokes grains and play of light were all placed to fuel imagination purposefully Every panel was staged with so much detail and precision that each would make for a full Nerdwriter video Because it was T time I spent inordinately patient periods staring at the panels one by one for the first time ever and it was a revelatory experience in how to read comics Really makes me wonder about all the comics I've read so far scrolling quickly down while pausing just enough to read the text and cursorily using the illustration to somehow situate myself in the story superficially This time helped that the letters were dancing around too much I used the text like subtitles absorbed in passing by the subconscious Unfortunately this isn't really a life hack I tried it again on Courtyard and Neonomicon and it does not work Pretty sure it'd work on From Hell though

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    What a wonderful and strange little story of love and revenge identity and perception individuality and duality told in a way that only Alan Moore would think to tell it I'm left with a feeling of beautiful loss

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    A weird little fantasy story Not Moore's best work not his worst