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In King of Hell's Kitchen the Yakuza have come to stake their claim to Hell's Kitchen targeting Matt Murdock Their unforgettable battle royale is just the tip of the iceberg and Daredevil will never be the same again Featuring guest appearances by Spider Man Luke Cage Iron Fist Reed Richards and Dr Strange In The Widow the Man Without Fear's fiery redheaded ex partner is back in Hell's Kitchen to help Daredevil keep the streets clean But why has she really returned? One of Marvel's greatest love stories takes an unexpected turn and all in the horrible face of Jigsaw Guest starring Nick Fury and the Avengers Collects Daredevil #56 64 Daredevil #65 Anniversary Special and 1971's Daredevil Vol 1 #81 the very first meeting of Daredevil and the Black Widow

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    Yet another collection of issues that shows Bendis at his best His strongest attribute is street level crime filled with complex characters which makes Daredevil the perfect character for him to write Matt Murdock is arguably the most complicated well developed character in super hero comics and his emphasis on gritty reality based tales is shown here to great effect The story is still exploring the fallout from his identity being outed in the press to great effect Also taking center stage in this volume is Matt's tangled relationship with the Black Widow who arrived on the scene right in the middle of Matt's struggles with his wife MillaAnother great volume in this legendary run

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    DD has always been my favorite Marvel hero; dark and disturbed like Batman but waaaay psychotic After all he is blind you knowIf you want great art and a great story this is a good place to get both

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    Had enough intrigue and interest to allow an immediate retraction of the marriage and a step back from a full intimidating run as king pin