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Andria is a fugitive of her own grief after losing a baby in a car accident five years before She has lived in uiet isolation until an accidental friendship with uentin lures her from hiding and brings to light a grief festering from neglect Resurfacing memories force Andria to confront the past she left open like a book unfinished when she left her husband Brett and three year old Lizzie several months after the funeral Andria returns and is pulled back into a world where she longs again to be a mother to Lizzie and fit back into the place she abandoned The Pulse of Hopeful Life brings to light countless uestions but most important—how could a mother leave her family? Many novels have been written about the children who have suffered abandonment but this novel takes you on the journey of the mother who has made the decision to leave and how she tries to piece the remains back together

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    A beautifully written exploration of motherhood grief and second chances I found that I couldn't put it down The characters are rich and vibrant and the language lovely Look for much from this extremely talented author A stunning debut novel which I HIGHLY recommend

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    This really came as a surprise to me Not because I don't think Ms Watters is a good writer because she is you will see but because she made something so heart wrenching and painful losing a child so readable so hopeful and so redemptiveThe storyline had a powerful velocity drawing me to pick it up again and again I ached for Andria to re enter life to find peace I'm still marveling at this character that is so strong but has no inkling that she actually is How does a mother live through the death of her child?I thought the author did an excellent job of placing us in Andria's world both emotionally and physically with very true to life emotions and just the right amount of detail for the physical I am grateful for the pacing of the book because it would have been hard for me to linger long in the gutter of sorrow that Andria put herself in Watters balanced the elements of this tale so effectivelyThis book is very aptly titled These characters will stay with me for awhile and I do see the light of hope at the end of the tunnel for themThis is the 2nd five star rating I have given in a row I don't give them lightly I'm not going soft This and I Capture the Castle deserve them

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    Late into the night when sleep wouldn't come my Mom would uietly open the door to our bedroom I would lay motionless with my eyes closed trying to breathe at a regular interval feigning sleep She'd lean over and kiss me on the forehead She did it every night Some nights I was still awake some nights asleep But I knew she loved me still wouldThat kiss told me everything I needed to know that I was safe loved acceptedMy own mom did this with me and now I do it with my kids and often wonder if they are pretending to sleep as I did I love that a kiss from a mother can do all that for a child This story is beautiful and heartbreaking but truly does leave you with hope in the end Oh Andria I cried my eyes out This is one of those books that will make me cherish being a mother today and each day I will find joy in the small moments I will hold my babies tighter and love this time with them fiercely Jeana Watters is amazing Thank you for that

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    This was an emotional read for me Andria is grieving the loss of a child while I am grieving the lack of children in my home I could understand the pain and how she shuts down completely Her decisions were not rational but emotional I could understand and emphathize with her decisions and thoughts Everyone deals with grief differently I could never shut myself off from everyone and everything To live a life with no hope would be a life hard to live The pulse of a hopeful life may be the only thing keeping someone aliveI highly recommend this book Good plot development and character development The characters are real in how they deal with situations

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    After losing a baby this woman makes an impulse decision that changes multiple lives forever Wow This book reached my core I felt the real raw break your heart grief It was so real and so intense I adored her writing She could bring me in to the story and make me feel the pain and emotions like it was happening to me Watters is an incredible writer and I will read anything this woman writes I am not big on sad stories but her words had such a poetic flow to them I was hooked from page one

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    I have to admit first of all that while I was reading this book I was totally absorbed in the story and actually uite obsessed with it Most likely it spoke to me because I am literally in the exact demographic as the protagonist in this book a young mother with young children specifically ages 3 and 1 a hard working husband and a relatively normal suburban life This young mother goes through something horrendous and loses her youngest child after which she finds herself falling into an abyss of sorrow darkness bewilderment and guilt I found myself absolutely fascinated with her decisions and what she does with her life how drastically it changes and how she chooses to change it and how she comes to find some life and some hope again When I say obsessed with this story I mean it I thought about it while driving I thought about it while playing with my kids I had dreams about itit was a little overwhelming Because of the subject matter I am curious to know who else would be interested in this book since clearly it appealed to me because of the similarities I could find with the main character I think anyone who has ever thought their life was boring or if they weren't sure if they were really happy could find themes to relate to in this novel The writing was absolutely clear and poignant without a wasted sentence but surprisingly available to the general readerit managed to contain exceptional writing while at the same time feeling like someone's journal I will be anxious to hear from other people in different circumstances to see if they were pulled into this story as much as I was Highly recommend two thumbs WAY up

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    I don't usually read books that hinge on tragedy but I have been waiting for a long time to read a book by this promising author having met her in the artistic world several years prior to the publishing of this book Even in our brief meetings at that time I was impressed with her knowledge of literature and the conventions of writing and hoped she would release some of her manuscriptsThis book was very well written It gave enough detail to pull me into the uiet unassuming town of Hanover Illinois without bogging me down The vulnerability of the character during her grief process was important to experience helping me emotionally and mentally work through what might happen to a good person when the basal need of fight or flight sparked by trauma pushes them to choose a lonely and sometimes selfish life course It allowed me to see the potential wasteland that can become human life when the soul just gives up; however it also shows that pivotal people and moments can come into our lives to help us redeem ourselves ask for forgiveness and seek to do better if we take the risk and have enough faith to face the truthThe ending was a big surprise and had me guessing what Andria might choose to do up until the very last page The suspense and climax were well placedAs the happy ending junky that I am I would have loved to read an Epilogue that said that Andria and all those who loved her were brought to a state of peace and everyone got the joy they longed for; but I guess leaving that open for my interpretation allows me to create the denoument that I desire and secretly hope forA great read

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    Totally traumatized as evidenced by the red rimmed glassy eyed vacant stare Head is pounding from crying so hard I'm still in my pajamas and haven't left my bed all day long Why? Words Fictiony Words do this to me I usually avoid books and movies that I suspect will make me cry because if toilet paper commercials bring on the tears you can imagine how anything deeper affects me However the blurb for this book reeled me in so I bought it on Kindle this morn and finished it in 4 and a half hours I cried the whole way through I want to curl back under the covers and cry I'm crying just writing this I need a cookie or 22 Please send cookies Or cupcakes And Chai I'll just be here in my bed with a broken heartThe kicker? Unless she has written under a different name this is the only book out by Jeana Watters I'm not finding any others I need Now Please And cookiesI give this book 5 Boxes of tissue And of course 5 stars Beautiful Heartbreaking Cathartic

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    I don't normally read books like this usually I read action espionage historical military and fantasy fiction but I was intrigued by the story as the subject matter is close to my heart Watters has crafted an intriguing book that examines the fallout upon one woman's life Andria from a singular horrible event that has changed her life and left emotional scars that might never heal fully The book is well written with colorful writing that pulls you in and makes you feel like you are there in the locales and situations on the pages My biggest pet peeve with many books that are written about emotions and relationships is how slow and plodding they are This book is different; it is much faster paced and is not formulaic The characters are people that I can identify withMale or female you will enjoy this book Give it a read You will not be disappointed

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    This beautifully written book is an honest look at grief and how it holds one woman captive over several years A little bit of everything from humor to soul wrenching heartbreak; you literally feel each emotion along with the protaganist Andria In the end true love conuers all but unexpectedly and in its true form the love of a mother This is a highly literary novel for women's literature and I've sung its praises to all my friends