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Going against the grain of three decades of popular business thinking this book argues that rather than trying to play like men women should rely on such feminine based skills as intuition relationship building and communication to get them where they want to go above the glass ceiling

12 thoughts on “Dancing on the Glass CeilingFind Your True Strengths Activate Your Vision and Get What You Really Want out of Your Career

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    Dancing on the glass ceiling by Candy Deemer and Nancy Fredericks is an inspiring book on feminine leadershipI believe that gender has no place in one's profession or art I used to feel disconcerted whenever I used to be referred to as part of a team of 'lady engineers' I have turned down invitations to participate in seminars for 'Women writers' I feel amused when friends send email forwards celebrating women on Women's day I continue to aspire towards an enlightened society where the gender of the individual does not count so much as the value they bring to the home and society and the workplaceYet I loved this well researched well written book that would would be useful to anyone who seeks to transcend the glass ceiling in the workplace irrespective of whether they are man or woman

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    I read and discussed chapters of this book with other professional women It began with a rocky start because I was not aligned with the author's thoughts As the book progressed we could see she had been setting us up with some of her statements and they could not be farther from the truth of her sentiments Great book for group discussion because everyone took away something different from each chapter that helped us appreciate unique views

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    I should have read it a long time ago Helped me make a big career change