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Jo Madison is a yacht skipper in the Whitsunday Islands of Australia's Great Barrier Reef She has a dark and violent past she is trying to leave far behind her and the last thing on her mind is love But when Cadie Jones long time partner of a US senator sails in to her life her priorities change There's no rest for the formerly wicked however and Jo's past comes back to haunt her throwing her and Cadie into mortal danger Jo is forced to rely on skills and weapons she had thought long buried and purposely forgotten while Cadie struggles to balance her previous viewpoint of herself against her attraction to the mysterious woman Set in the splendor of Australia's tropics Heart's Passage traces Jo and Cadie's rocky path to an uncertain future

10 thoughts on “Heart's Passage

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    Pretty good novel although a little all over the places There's some love triangle not really but technically yes going on The main character Jo is a former assassin so her past catch up with her in middle of the novel and that got resolved pretty quickly for my taste Almost anticlimactic The whole soulmate element is bit cheesy for me but still well written I think the story could've been better with some editing especially all the ooh my and things like that I really liked both main characters Jo and Cadie as their personalities are awesome Jo is strong and keep emotions to herself but opens up to another Cadie is the sweetheart but learns to stand up for herself through the story I wish the author would explore the whole assassin and facing her past bit Still a solid novel worth reading

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    Dramatically entertaining but it lacked the finesse that could have gotten stars from me and towards the ending i felt the story could have ended earlier

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    Nothing but entertaining lesbian fiction I don't recommend it to sophisticated readers

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    Suddenly I saw this book in my bookcase and I felt GOOD I have no idea when I bought the book I know I read it at least twice Now I want to read it again