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This deluxe hardcover collects Daredevil Vol 11 Golden Age and Daredevil Vol 12 Decalogue plus DVD style extras than you can shake a billy at In Golden Age follow Matt Murdock through a story that literally spans the entire history of the Marvel Universe Who was the Kingpin before the Kingpin and what was his relationship to Matt? Find out right here courtesy of the multi award winning team of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev And in Decalogue the wait is over Exactly what happened during Daredevil's year long reign as the new Kingpin? His historic cleaning of Hell's Kitchen will finally be revealed in bloody detail Framed around the Ten Commandments this epic story is like nothing you've seen before Collects Daredevil 66 75

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    Fabulous read This book is a reason why I read comics Bendis takes great care with his characters and it's easy to tell that he loves them

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    Two stories in this really good volume First 'DD' falls victim to a goombah thug mob boss insufferable or just an egomaniac? now a nonagenarian and just out of a long prison stretch who comes calling with a warped vengeance Our hero also has to deal with an inquisitive federal agent The two plot threads twist together for a satisfying conclusionNext a support group meeting in a Catholic church basement quickly spins into quasi theological horror movie territory Even with two thirds of it being talking head scenes everyone has a story to tell so to speak it was still fairly effective

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    With this fifth hardcover collection the previously flawless run by Bendis starts to lose momentum a bit There are still some really great concepts and very strong character moments but the stories aren't quite up to par with the previous issues The first arc features Matt having to deal with an old time criminal who was The Kingpin before the Kingpin He is released from jail at the age of 93 and is looking for revenge against Daredevil It's an interesting idea and there are some cool moments but the timeline in the story doesn't work Matt would have to be way older than he is for it to work out Plus it seems like the backstory of Matt dealing with the FBI and his rogues gallery while his identity has been outed is no longer moving forward and seems to be treading water hereThe second story is almost a fantastic read but doesn't quite work out The idea of a support group for people who have encountered Daredevil is an interesting one and the dialogue between them is some of the best Bendis has written to date However the inclusion of a weird Japanese demon takes me out of the story Up until this point Bendis had crafted a series that was deeply rooted in reality and even with the super hero elements it seemed to be happening in the real world This one story element completely takes the reader out of the story and rips the reality right out of it In a different book this might have been a home run but it just did not fit at all with what had been laid out previouslyThis was still better than just about any other comic on the market at the time but was not quite up to the insanely high standard Bendis had set previously

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    There's so much hype about the storyline on the new Daredevils books and I'll say it's better than the standard comic book fare DC's equivalent has got to be the film noir type Batman stuff Daredevil is by far my favourite superhero because he is human than anyone He has no real superpower in these new books They've thankfully gotten rid of Stan Lee's silly radioactive radar sense rubbish and apparently made him an ordinary blind man with an extraordinary coordination of highly developed secondary senses That's how it should beAnd Alex Maleev's photography type art is excellent Tempo in the frames is excellent I want to find the rest of this Bendis Maleev series Here's my favourite sequence from about the end of the bookChristian pastor Some nonsense I don't believe in demons from Hell And I don't appreciate the bast Daredevil You believe in God and Jesus and angels right? Well Father I'm sorry you don't get to pick and chooseHahaha

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    Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev are a match made in Hell's Kitchen I haven't cared this much about Daredevil since Frank Miller's run back in the 80s We are reading in the diamond age of comics collaborations and BendisMaleev's epic run on our favorite costumed public defendant reminds us of this fact

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