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Annabelle is tired of being the lone failure in a family of overachievers She's endured dead end jobs and a broken engagement Even her hair's a mess But that's going to change now that she's taken over her late grandmother's matchmaking business All Annabelle has to do is land the Windy City's hottest bachelor as her client and she'll be the most sought after matchmaker in town Nothing is going to stand in her way not the drunk lying comatose under her car not her family's disapproval and certainly not the lingering effects of a broken heartWith his money green eyes and calculated charm Heath Champion is the best sports agent in the country He's wealthy driven and gorgeous so why does he need a matchmaker especially a red haired screw up like Annabelle Granger? True she's entertaining and she does have a certain quirky appeal But Heath is searching for the ultimate symbol of his success the perfect wife And to make an extraordinary match he needs an extraordinary matchmaker right?Thin rich utterly fabulous Portia Powers has spent her career making matches for everyone but herself Her take no prisoners attitude has built Power Matches into the top matchmaking agency in Chicago So what if she has enemies than friends and she's one breath away from a nervous breakdown? Neither an upstart like Annabelle Granger nor Heath Champion's menacing but oddly intriguing bodyguard will keep her from getting what she wants a Power Match for Heath the city's very own Jerry MaguireSoon everyone in Chicago has a stake in the outcome right down to Annabelle's overprotective book club When the matchmaker promises she'll do anything to keep her star client happy does she mean anything? If Annabelle isn't careful she just might find herself going heart to heart with the toughest negotiator in town a man who's beginning to ask himself Exactly how perfect does perfect have to be?

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    Let me start by saying this I admit I'm a sexist and I read romance novels mostly for the hero As long as the hero is worth it and the heroine isn't a pain in the a I'm happyThat said I have to state that the best thing about Match Me If You Can was Annabelle and not Heath She was just adorable in her quirkiness the kind of friend I cherish in RL She loved Heath so I wanted her to have him Not because he was to die for but because he was the one for her Seriously I spent a large portion of the book frustrated with his blindness and wanting to shake some sense into him In the end I was thrilled to see him voicing my feelings brilliantly I'm sorry it took me so long to get my head straight but as you've been quick to point out I'm an idiot Yes you were Heath Obviously that simple statement wasn't enough to win Annabelle right back She needed deserved the whole package and not the scraps Heath was willing to give at 1st so kudos to her for sticking to her principles until he finally proved to be worthy of herThis was only my 2nd book by SEP but I've been told she likes to make her heroes do some serious groveling before conquering their heroines back Groveling scenes are complicated to me because they usually come after some ugly and almost unforgiveable behavior by the hero so I was happy to see that Heath's actions weren't that damaging and unforgiveable The usually ruthless and goal oriented man was just clueless when it came to wooing Annabelle which only showed how much she was important to himI loved the cast of secondary characters all of them but especially little Pippy and her fascination with cell phones as they added an interesting layer to the story and helped me understand Heath and Annabelle's personalities better Their scenes were great at showing not telling what made Heath and Annabelle tick and there was some great writing there IMHOAll in all this was a very enjoyable read light funny and downright hilarious at times A straight contemporary novel with neither sudden plot twists nor emotionally draining angst a lovely heroine a nice but emotional slow hero and a bunch of secondary characters that didn't feel like fillers I can't say SEP has become one of my favorite authors yet but she's on my radar and I'll definitely give her another try

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    Listened to the AUDIBLE Enjoyed it just as much as reading itl loved it just as much if not the second time aroundAnnabelle What's not to love? A strong independent lady who won't bow down to the whims of her family She knows what she wants to do and she goes for itHeath Sexy and boy does he know it But he's made a name for himself and is now a smart confident rich guyGreat to catch up with Phoebe Dan Molly Kevin and the gangI know Heath's description in the book is nothing like this guy but who cares I know what I like so I will just go with what I likePippi what a cutie she wasAnd we had a secondary story going with Heath's friend Bodie Cannot recommend this author enough

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    4 StarsI’m just gonna say this QUICK REVIEWEnjoyment 45Writing style 55Storyline 55Hero 45 Heroine 45Secondary characters 55 Hotnesschemistry 355 Romance 45 Angst 255Darkness level 25Humor 45 Depth of the book 55POV multiple 3rd person Triggers view spoilernone hide spoiler

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    💙💙I loved reading this one but I have to say I LOVED listening to it even I am such a huge fan of SEP and this series I’m looking forward to listening to the new releases coming next month 💙💙😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊And the magic continues Though I have to admit I wasn’t sure if I was going to love this one as much as the other I wondered how SEP would pull it off since these two characters were not part of the immediate Chicago Stars family but she did it I LOVED ITI’m going to try to keep this one short and sweetIn Match Me If You Can we meet Heath He is Kevin Tucker’s agent He was sexy had a killer smile and dressed to kill He was also known as the Python Having just about everything he wanted having met all the goals he set for himself all that was left for him to do is find the perfect wife Enter Annabelle Or as Pippi would say Belle Annabelle will do what’s needed to keep Heath as her client with her match making company But one little misunderstanding involving a Princess Party creates a bit of a bump in the road for the both of them Sweet Pippi Tucker was Heath’s nemesis He wouldn’t admit to it but he loved the little girl It would be a secret that Pippi whispers in his ear that will make her his little angelHeath was certainly hard to please With every perfect woman Annabelle handed over to him came one rejection after another Slow to realize what he had right in front of him Heath ends up making a mistake that might not be fixable Like I said I wasn’t sure if I was going to love this one as much as the others But I did It was fun to catch up with Phoebe Molly The ladies book club was a hoot too I loved going back to Wind Lake Something sexy always goes on in one of those cottages ❤I enjoyed meeting Bodie Heath’s driver partner The side story with him and Portia was a great offset to the main plot Their story was just as sweet and sexy tooThis is such an amazing series and I will highly recommend it to anyone who already loves Susan Elizabeth Phillips writing or to anyone who has yet to read anything from her

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    5 STARS“If I could put my brain in her body the world would be mine for the taking” OH MY GOD Why I did not read this earlier I do not understand This book was the perfect mix of romancebanter and heart pounding moments I loved the dialogue between Annabelle and Heath I loved Annabelle's sassy wit I loved Heath's sexy arrogant as hell attitude Basically I loved everything about itHeath Champion aka The Python is Chicago's sexiest bachelor who needs a perfect wife by his 35th birthday Having already hired Portia Powers he refuses to hire Annabelle as well But he was pleasantly surprised by Annabelle's tenacious attitude and her earnestness and decides to give her a shotAnnabelle is ecstatic that she landed Heath as a client With overbearing parents and brothers who are settled and happily married Annabelle is the odd one out She is determined to prove to her parents that she is successful as well All she has to do is find Heath a wifeI loved watching their relationship progressing Heath makes Annabelle sit through every new introduction between him and potential candidates was highly entertaining Her quick wit and humour amused me to no ends Unlucky for Annabelle because every candidate she proposed was rejected And after all the one who Heath has all the delicious chemistry is with AnnabelleBut although Annabelle is fun sharp witted and smart she's isn't sophisticated or classy enough His idea of a dream wife is a elegant and sweet lady who will reflect every accomplishment in his life“He grinned and right then it occurred to him that he hadn't enjoyed himself so much with a woman in a very long time If Annabelle Granger were a few inches taller a hell of a lot sophisticated better organized less bossy and inclined to worship at his feet she'd have made a perfect wife”But Heath finds there is a difference between what he thinks he wants to what he really needsOverall it was an amazing read This was my first SEP book and it most certainly won't be my last

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    Damn I found a winnerI freaking loved book 1 in the series and now book 6 Match me if you can totally overthrew book 1 from the pedestalIt's all you seek in a romance I don't wanna dwell on that and neither should youand just like the line in the book goes Hey this is supposed to be like in Jerry Maguire Remember? 'You had me at hello Maybe it didnt quite happened that way for Annabelle Granger aka Tinker Bell and Heath Champion in this hilariously spontanious funny sweet and a bit angsty romance drama about a matchmaker and a hotshot spirts agent in pursuit for a wife a perfect wifeWhen in fact he had the best thing ever right in front of him the whole timeSo yeahit took them to get thereit wasnt 'at hello' for them but it was for me and it was perfect either way Why are you smiling? his wife asked with a smile of her own Because you're perfect No I'm not she laughed But I'm perfect for you AmenHook line sinkerOne of my fave books as of now

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    Written May 5 2015 44 Stars Amusing romantic great high quality mf romance as always from SEPI just finished the 1115 hrs audiobook edition amazingly well narrated by always delivering Anna Fields — I love all these characters this style of contemporary and enjoyed every minuteThis will be a lazy review you all already know how much I like these Susan Elizabeth Phillips romances It's not much to say this was another GREAT installment to an fantastic series “Basically you expect me to find your bride court her and hand her over at the altar Or do I have to come on the honeymoon too?”“Definitely not” He gave her a lazy smile “I can take care of that all by myself” From the book blurb« Why does the wealthy driven and gorgeous sports agent Heath Champion need a matchmaker especially a red haired screw up like Annabelle Granger? True she's entertaining and she does have a certain quirky appeal But Heath is searching for the ultimate symbol of success the perfect wife And to make an extraordinary match he needs an extraordinary matchmaker right? » ‘He grinned and right then it occurred to him that he hadn't enjoyed himself so much with a woman in a very long time If Annabelle Granger were a few inches taller a hell of a lot sophisticated better organized less bossy and inclined to worship at his feet she'd have made a perfect wife’ Match Me If You Can from the Chicago Stars fotball 'world' is book 6 published 2005 and this is my sixth book not read in order standalones in this series Reviews view spoiler in my reading orderI read by myself as paperbacks and loved • 2 Heaven Texas 5 starsGracie Snow Bobby Tom Denton• 1 It Had to Be You 45 starsPhoebe Somerville Dan CalebowI listened to audiobooks faultlessly narrated by Anna Fields • 7 Natural Born Charmer 41 starsBlue Bailey Dean Robillard• 5 This Heart of Mine 40 starsMolly Somerwille Kevin Tucker• 3 Nobody's Baby But Mine 47 starsJane Darlington Cal Bonner hide spoiler

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    45 Perfect for You Stars and right then it occurred to him that he hadn't enjoyed himself so much with a woman in a very long time Fun fun fun A non stop romantic funfest from start to finish where Annabelle Granger a quirky thirty something matchmaker with a fledgling business a colourful wardrobe and a big heart meets Heath Champion a too handsome NFL top agent with a goal in mind marrying his ideal woman aka everything Annabelle is not Will our resourceful matchmaker be able to find her for him?Not an easy fit considering a battalion of nosy relatives stubborn ageing clients several bad hair days shark on stilettos competitors and most of all a potential Mr Right who hasn't realised yet that in life what you think you want doesn't always match with what you really needA writing that just keeps you turning the pages snappy humour sizzling chemistry brilliant dialogues a very amusing but not excessively intrusive secondary romance an endearing cast of characters from previous and next books well and lively crafted just as much as the leading couple Annabelle and Heath both have likeable strong personalities and all their interactions from sparring to teasing to flirting are a hoot Seeing them first skirting around each other all business like and then gloating while they got entangled in their own unexpected emotions made for a wild romp punctuated by some head shaking at their stubbornness frequent laughing out loud moments and rewarding sighing at their cuteness but don't tell Heath this last oneRomantic comedy doesn't get much better than thisBuddy read with Jill

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    I often have mixed feelings about SEP books but this one really made me uncomfortable Some takeaway messages• To start your book off with a bang make your heroine an insecure screw up and make sure you mess up her clothes and make her late for an important appointment• It's ok if your family denigrates and insults you as long as they love you you of course being a woman• Men who work too hard have to fall in love and they'll learn to scale back women who work too hard have to have their careers destroyed their sexual preference for dominant men confirmed and be forced to appear in public in an embarrassing physical predicament in order to reform but of course we'll take it all back in a feel good epilogue• Men don't like to read the rare odd one who does can't be in the all women's book club because he'd throw off the dynamic• You shouldn't worry too much about your clothes girls but reading about them is definitely worth your time• All girl children like princess parties especially when all the dresses are pinkYeah I know it's supposed to be funny But so much of the humor rests on gender stereotypes that I just didn't find myself laughing

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    Match Me If You Can is about Heath the wealthy sports agent who wants the perfect wife Of course he's too busy to look for this perfect woman and instead has two different match making agencies in search of her Annabelle is the owner of one of those agencies and she's determined to find him the perfect woman Heath's demands on Annabelle created a lot of fun banter Having Annabelle attend all the introductions between him and the potential candidates built lively conversation between the two of them At this point in the story she had fallen for him and of course he was totally clueless to her feelings towards him Match Me If You Can is part of the Chicago Stars series and while it's book 6 in the series I was able to read it just fine even though I've only read book 1 Don't let the series numbers stop you from giving it a try I enjoyed listening to this audio while I painted our fence It helped pass the hours My kids thought it was funny the only place I ended up with paint was on my ear from pulling out my headphonesSERIES And the author has announced she is making another book