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Sorry The single word was written on the mirror In front of it hung the body of Andy Fallon a Minneapolis Internal Affairs cop Was it suicide? Or a kinky act turned tragic accident?Either way it wasn't murder At least not according to the powers that be But veteran homicide detective Sam Kovac and his wisecracking ambitious partner Nikki Liska think differently Together they begin to dig at the too neat edges of the young cop's death uncovering one motive and one suspect after another The shadows of suspicion fall not only on the city's elite but into the very heart of the police department Someone wants the case closed quickly and forever But neither Kovac nor Liska will give up Now both their careers and their lives are on the line From a murder case two months old to another case closed for twenty years Kovac and Liska must unearth a connection the killer wants dead and buried A killer who will stop at absolutely nothing to keep a dark and shattering secret

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    I like Tami Hoag's writing style and I liked her book The 9th Girl but this addition to her series only scored a 3 12 stars for me The story was pretty good and the characters were believable but parts just felt forced or added for fill In my opinion not her best

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    Quick reviewCover Fitting Rating R Thumbs Up 4Overall A good novelCharacters Well WrittenPlot Sometimes hate is directed inwardPage Turner Yes Series Cont? Yes Recommend YesBook Boyfriend SamSUMMARY 50 words or lessThis is my second book by this author It was an audible daily deal thus I pick it up out of order However the book stood on its own with no probably Despite I thought some clues were obvious it was still an interesting readFor a full review and yummy pic see my blog post at ReviewDavid Colacci did a good job at narration The female narration wasn’t bad either I didn’t have a hard trouble following all the different characters

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    I really have a love hate relationship with these books I love Kovac and Liska I love their banter I love the gallows humor and the snarking among the cops It all feels very raw and real and matches the cops and investigators I know On the other hand just like Prior Bad Acts the plot is overly convoluted and has too many moving parts After I finished it I actually had to go back over the story in my head to make sure I understand who did what when and why I also thought some of the twists were pretty obviously telegraphed There were a couple of hints dropped that immediately gave me two of the answers that were part of the big reveal at the end and I felt like they were so obvious that our otherwise crack investigators should have latched on to them immediately On the other hand I know they're in a book and they don't so I guess they can be forgiven for not knowing that every stray bit of information has to lead somewhereAlso man Kovac really cannot catch a break

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    Though I know that Hoag has Ashes to Ashes as the first Kovac and Liska book I always thought Dust to Dust was the first book in the series Mainly because we get Kovac and Liska's third person POVs in this one and the last book really focused on John Quinn and Kate Conlan Dust to Dust' has Kovac and Liska investigated the death of an IAB officer with ties to a legendary police officer Though ruled a suicide both Kovac and Liska believe the officer was murdered There are ties to an older homicide from decades agoI love Kovac and Liska They bounce off each other very well and you can see why they work as partnersKovac is twice divorced though at his heart he does want to be with someone We see him starting to click with a lieutenant in IA This is also the beginning of the Christmas light wars he has with his next door neighbor I don't know why that whole thing tickles me but it does Kovac makes mention of Kate Conlan from book 1 and even goes and sees her and John Quinn now together and happy Even though Kovac would love nothing to ignore the calls from the top to close the current case they are working he and Liska still push ahead Liska is a divorced mother of two still hung up on her ex You get to see her trying to juggle being a detective along with being there for her two boys It's nice to see a female homicide detective who is apparently well liked be her colleagues and very good at her job We get some great secondary characters that I can't say too much about I really enjoyed Amanda Savard the lieutenant from IAB as well as callbacks to book number one I thought the writing was very solid The current case ties into at least two other side plots but I found that everything works The setting of Minneapolis always makes me think of winter I have no idea why Probably because most of Hoag's books seem to take place during the fallwinter The ending was a gut punch to me I didn't see the events coming and all I could think was if only at the end

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    Another good mystery for Kovac and Liska Both Kovac and Liska are solid characters and I really enjoyed this one I did figure out the bad guys but the journey to their guilt was solid I liked how the past and present crimes were woven together There were a couple of sad items butOne item that I don't enjoy is the present tense sections by the one bad guy I know this is Ms Hoag's style but I tended to skim these short sections For whatever reason present tense is like nails on a black board to meThere were times in the middle of the book where it seemed like the story was being drawn out but then it would hit a good stretch that had me glued to the pages I definitely continue to read this series

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    Having just finished a literary suspenser which involved battling my way through a jungle of overconvoluted prose I was desperate to cleanse my palate as it were with a piece of straightforward storytelling This book by Tami Hoag practically leapt from the shelf into my hand as the ideal restorativeWhen the cop son of a disabled legendary ex cop is found hanged everyone's keen to assume it's a matter of suicide everyone that is except Hoag's series heroes detectives Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska of the Minneapolis PD Complicating the case is that the dead man was gay and so had to deal with his fair share of homophobia from other cops and that he worked for Internal Affairs investigating corrupt cops and was thus instinctively loathed by all serving officers because team loyalty is er important than rooting out criminality That's Liska's attitude at the outset anyway but she manages to think things through a bit better by the endKovac and Liska are right it's a murder And they're right to identify another supposed suicide as a murder too Despite the fact that their bosses are keen to close the investigation down our heroes persist the way that all good maverick cops do even as it becomes blatantly evident that the murderer they're hunting is one of their own Some of the humor in the smutty badinage between the cops is a bit heavy handed and juvenile I'm sure that in real life it would be but this is fiction and we expect a bit better To choose just a single exampleIf Leonard thinks Jackson has a case he's got his head so far up his ass we should call the people at Guinness It's gotta be some kind of recordIt's that second sentence I'm referring to Left on its own the joke in the first sentence is quite fun and we got it there's no need to heavy handedly pound in the obviousThat's a minor quibble Overall Dust to Dust was a wonderfully pacy read with a nicely complex mystery at its heart and a fair amount of emotional heft Memo to self I really ought to read Tami Hoag than I do because I always enjoy her books

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    I just couldn't deal with this one I'm not sure what it was The suspense was good and the book was rather entertaining but something about this book felt darker in a depressing morose way than the books she usually writes In one respect I appreciate that Kovac and Liska have as much depth as they do but I cannot really appreciate their characters They're just not the kind of characters I want to read about I'm not sure I'll be continuing this particular seriesRe read Edited to 3 starsI think when I read this the first time it was right after a series of her romantic suspense stories where the romance comes to fruition and there's an HEA for the characters Even Ashes to Ashes follows suit But this oneit sets you up for the romance between Kovac and Savard and then rips your guts out I'm pretty sure I felt betrayed by the author at the time I still resent the way this story endedhate it actually But this time around I could better appreciate the suspense and investigation plot And the writing is pretty awesomeperhaps slow in parts but mostly very engaging I can't fault the writing or the suspense plot mostly just what happens to the characters

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    Another great read by Tami Hoag I am really enjoying this series by her And I look forward to the next one in this series Prior Bad Acts and also the other series that she has I love how she writes Pretty fluid and easy to read lots of mystery and excitement and great plots to follow I like how parts of the last book rolled over into this one giving hints to past lives So probably better to read them in orderI think the characters are very well developed very realistic and believable And I think that is mostly because she created them to not be perfect and to have their own problems They have to work for what they want I also feel like Kovak and Liska were much better developed in this installment or maybe it was because they seemed to be a bigger part of this book than they were in the first one Kovak is probably my favorite characterSo basically this is a good tale of good copbad cop and I again found myself trying to guess who the culprit was and was wrong in many instances And when everything was revealed I was kind of like what? I really did not expect a lot of it There were several different mysteries to follow in this book and I loved that too It did get a little confusing for a moment where I would have to go back and read something againThere was also one part of this book that involves Sam Kovak that I wished could have been different but then again I think I know where the Author is going with him in this series and it makes sense I am sure by the time I get done with the series I will know it all I recommend this to anyone who has a passion for mysterysuspense

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    I would give this book 3 and 12 stars if I could I expected the returning characters from Ashes to Ashes to be John and Anne but this second book in the series focuses on Liska and Kovac I was pleased though that the author did give a cameo appearance to Quinn and Anne enough to update the reader about their ongoing lives Like getting a christmas family update from friends This book delivers all of the same plot twists and twisted minds as the first book but fell short on the creepiness I guess that could be a good or bad thing depending on the reader view spoiler This book touched on gay bashing within the police department and revengehate due to the spread of AIDS among closeted gay men I think the author could have done a lot with this topic than she did I think the book would have been a 4 or 5 star book if she had fully fleshed out the gayaids topics and all of the emotion and fear that come with it hide spoiler

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    Another book that rambles and is way too long The story of a gay police officer's death ruled a suicide then accidental and then another death ruled suicide These rulings don't sit well with the two detectives Kovac and Liska A lot of the same old same old cops who break the rules get themselves threatened by bad guys and on and on Another way way too long book almost 500 pages and audiobook This is a clue for me to avoid non literary fiction books that are over 300 pages unless I read great reviews Oh wait a minute There are certain literary fiction writers Donna Tartt comes to mind that get great reviews but are way way overwritten and underedited