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When an unknown assailant attacks Judge Moore in a parking garage two of Minneapolis's top cops are called upon to solve the crime and keep the judge from further harm Detective Sam Kovac is as hard boiled as they come and his wisecracking partner Nikki Liska isn't far behind Neither one wants to be on this case but when Karl Dahl escapes from custody everything changes and a seemingly straightforward case cartwheels out of control The stakes go even higher when the judge is kidnapped snatched out of her own bed even as the police sit outside watching her house Now Kovac and Liska must navigate through a maze of suspects that includes the stepson of a murder victim a husband with a secret life and a rogue cop looking for revenge where the justice system failed With no time to spare the detectives are pulled down a strange dark trail of smoke and mirrors where no one is who they seem and everyone is guilty of Prior Bad Acts

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    do you know how long it takes to listen to audio books?? this one is eleven hours and thirty nine minutes and i am not one of you cyborg kids who have all manner of machines strapped to you and dangling off of your tool belts like a williamsburg batman i can only listen to this in my house doing the dishes or cooking etc but jesus eleven hours of this guy's voice as he raises the pitch to make lady voices or baby talks through a five year old character or slaps this comical minnesotan accent on for one cop or gets gruff or creepy or MAKES THUNDER NOISES as the narrative requires it's like listening to a grown man play with dolls and i have used that expression privately to one of you goodreaders and if you are reading this review the association is intentional this is only my second audio book i have dfw reading brief interviews which is wonderful because it is his voice and he knows how to read his own stuff but i have great difficulty paying attention to the aural in class i pretty much write down everything teacher says because otherwise i will drift off and not remember anything but when i read my notes i can remember it hearing shit? i tune out i daydream it is not ideal for me i actually watch all my netflix with the subtitles on because i find it helps me remember what happened i had to start several chapters over because i had been having little dreamthoughts in my head that were entirely separate from the cd audio must be great for you commuters who have to pay attention to the road and all because i am chauffeured daily by the mta i can read guaranteed a couple of hours a day and not have to resort to this medium which limits my involvement by telling me where the inflections are maybe as a reaction to the imaginative limitations i misheard several lines and conjured up mental pictures different than intendedHe let his gaze wander around the roomI've got a unit on the houseYou're a targetbucking wildlysee KyleShe could feel his gaze on herHeadlights washed over themit is important to enunciateas for the book itself what can i say? it is a perfectly serviceable thriller it's got a dead lady with flowers stuffed in a slit down her chest some red herrings an oddly schoolmarmish attitude towards pornography and a bunch of dead bodies it would have taken me far less time to read it than it did to listen to it but the syllabus wants what the syllabus wants sieg heil indeed except of course for this to my blog

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    Making my way through the Kovac and Liska series I like the series and I like the characters of Kovac and Liska and their immediate team I really enjoyed this suspense murder maybe one of my favorites in the seriesWhen a judge makes an unpopular decision on the admission of prior bad acts she is attacked and her life is endangered A little digging into who may have attacked her leads to multiple options Some people don't look as innocent as they should I think I would have liked it if I could have seen of the judge's husband's downfall in the epilogue His character was definitely easy to dislike

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    I really enjoyed the third book in the Kovac and Liska series We have Kovac and Liska involved in a case that involves a judge Judge Carey Moore that is attacked after giving out a controversial ruling related to a defendant's prior bad acts not being allowed to be introduced to a jury when he goes on trial for the murder of woman and her two foster kidsKovac is at first not looking forward to the assignment He doesn't care for Judge Moore now that she is a judge When she was a prosecutor many in the police force liked her They thought they had a shoo in now when they brought defendants to appear before her She quickly disabused them of that notion by not showing favoritism to the prosecutor or defendant I do love how for Kovac that is a betrayal He ends up liking Carey though when he sees how she is with her daughter and he realizes that something is up with her marriageLiska is still dealing with juggling her job and her personal life Being a mother to two boys with an absent ex Liska keeps wondering is it fair to still do homicides and not switch to something that will keep her at home Honestly the partnership between Kovac and Liska is what keeps me reading this series They get each other and the other detectives in homicide run together like a very well tuned machine For the first time ever though we get to see a slightly out of control Kovac in this one He is very focused on Judge Moore's husband and you start to see that Kovac may be dealing with a bit of a crush for her despite how he first felt about her I do think that the secondary characters were developed very well We have the man that many want to see dead for murder Karl Dahl we also have Kovac unraveling key players involved with Moore's husband And we have a detective who had to walk through the house and find three dead people who now haunt him who is focused on getting justice And we also get a very quick appearance by Kate Quinn formerly Conlan who we now assume is married to John Quinn based on what Kovac reveals The writing was great and so was the flow The main reason why I didn't give this five stars though is that there was still the unanswered question related to Judge Moore's husband It is just left dangling I purposely re read The 9th Girl after this and it does reference this bookcase and Judge Moore so that was nice I just wish that Hoag had wrapped up all loose ends in this one

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    So far out of the Kovak and Liska series this has been my favorite Tami Hoag is fast becoming one of my favorite authors for this year Her skills with writing mystery are phenomenal along with her characters She makes them so realistic and believable There were so many great elements included in this book Those that I always look for in a good suspensemystery I found it hard to put it down It was such a fluid read and easy to follow even with multiple mysteries running simultaneously Another element I enjoy in mysteryThe main plot to the story is very gruesome and terrifying because we know there are killers in our world today that are this vile We have the Haas family And on a frightful stormy night a detective Stan Dempsey finds the body of the mother and 2 children brutally tortured then killed He can only imagine the terror that that these three had endured and was scarred for life They have a suspect Karl Dahl who they know had to be the victims tormentor so the case pursues forward The Judge can't allow this to go to trial based on 'prior bad acts' of the suspect She can only rule that a jury decides the outcome of this case Now making herself a target in this twisted demented affair the judge Carey Moore has her life threatened Sam Kovak and Nikki Liska are called to the forefront to crack the case and help bring a madman to justiceThe I read Hoag's books the I love Sam Kovak He is one of those detectives that has had a pretty screwed up existence but he refuses to succumb to it He keeps moving forward He uses his anger to bring in the bad guys He is gallant yet he is rough and touch as well The bad guys they don't get away without a little bit of Kovak in their facesNikki Liska Kovak's main sidekick often referred to Tinks is another great detective I love her loyalty to their friendship and partnership She is one tough cookie who has also led a somewhat rough existence But she makes the best of it and her kiddos are her life She relies on Kovak and he does the same These two keep each other sane for the most post and they help control each other from going over the edge I love the way that Hoag has them work together always making wisecracks to one another that only the two of them can understand They are almost perfect for each other and they have to be two of my favorite detectivesThere are several 'villains' in this story and Hoag wrote them well She allows her readers to get inside there heads where they can become a part of the insanity that is whirling around there The book as a whole is quite disturbing especially when details about these people come to the forefront Some nice twists as well surrounding these bad guysI recommend this series to anyone who loves a disturbing twisted mystery My head was spinning trying to figure out whodunit And as always just when I thought I knew I realized I did not because the author would take it in another direction Truly a great novel of Suspense

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    Stayed up way too late to finish because I never found a spot where I could’ve stopped and gone to sleep without actually knowing immediately what happened next Really well done copcrime thriller The two main characters are interesting believable and likable the bad guys are really horrible guys just awful and the writing gets better with each successive book There were lots of twists and turns and a satisfying ending with enough unresolved storylines to keep you coming back for Will definitely continue with the series and the author’s other books Four stars

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    Another great crime drama in this series Kovac and Liska are great characters This story is complex and there are a number of possible suspects Finding the truth is difficult as there are several paths to investigate Kovac has trouble keeping his temper in check The interplay between the two detectives is sometimes humorous This story could be read as a stand alone even though it's good to know the background it is not necessary to follow the plot If you like crime dramas you will enjoy this one

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    Rating 45This book was not perfect but I think this was Hoag's best book that I've read so far I enjoyed it enough to keep it I even liked the endgame romance at the end view spoilerKovac and the judge getting together was really cute and I ship it hide spoiler

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    This series just keeps getting better and better Loved it

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    PRIOR BAD ACTS Police Proc Minneapolis MN Cont – VGHoag Tami – 3rd in seriesBantam 2006 Amer Hardcover When Judge Carey Moore refuses to allow the prior bad acts of Karl Dahl accused of committing the brutal murder of a mother and two young children she is vilified by the police and newspapers as being soft on killers But someone is even angry and severely beats her and later threatens her Detective Sam Kovac is assigned to the case along with his partner Nikki Liska They too think the judge’s ruling was wrong but the they investigate the attack the layers to both Carey’s beating and the original murder Ms Hoag really knows how to create great characters They are fully dimensional interesting and realistic She also knows how to write effective real sounding dialogue She effectively balances suspense human tragedy on all levels and humor The plot was a bit obvious although it did have some complexity and good twists as was the building relationship but it was a good enough read not to mind This as are all Ms Hoag’s books was solid enjoyable page turning reading

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    Easily one of the best books I have ever read Each page had me reading faster and flipping the page harder The suspense was so intense that you could not possibly just read one chapter I finished this book in two days and will definitely read it again The twists and turns that Hoag brings through the chapters had so many different emotions going through me for those characters Highly recommend