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THE SANDBadra sought refuge in the Sahara but she could never truly escape the sheikh who’d stolen her childhood Fareeq had proven that her long dark hair and lush body aroused a passion in men that meant only pain—and neither his death nor protection by her rescuers the Khamsin the Warriors of the Wind could change that Badra could no forget her past than one Khamsin’s burning sapphire eyes And she could no accept the feelings Khepri aroused than she could admit the secret shadowing her heart THE FURYKenneth Tristan heir to the duke of Caldwell had ridden with the Khamsin since his English family’s slaughter Known as Khepri the Cobra he’d grown up in Egypt He loved the land yet the respect of his Arabic brothers the title that awaited him in London the treasures from his family’s archaeological dig—it was all sand in the wind nothing for he could not touch the woman he loved could not save her from the past He would sacrifice everything to make her whole And until he did they would be just the Cobra and the concubine

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