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From legendary hip hop and RB journalist Nelson George Thriller is the definitive chronicle of the bestselling album of all time George explores how the album changed the world in 1982 when Michael Jackson was king of the charts breaking down the color barrier on MTV and heralding in the age of video This incisive and revealing examination of the making and meaning of Thriller not only illuminates the brilliant creative process and work ethic of Jackson and producer Quincy Jones but also explores the larger context of the music life and seismic impact the King of Pop has had for than three generations

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    Here Nelson George commits one of my biggest pet peeves the writer inserting himself into the narrative of his subject And he does it A LOT I generally don't pick up a biography in order to read about the life of the author I don't understand why they do thisHowever the musical history and the analysis he gives to each song in Thriller is really interesting stuff George obviously knows what he's talking about hereI could've also done without George's tipping his toe into the waters of psychoanalysis When he tries to examine Jackson's psychological state he definitely seems like a music critic suddenly enad with JungAll that being said it is an interesting read

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    I expected This book wasn't thorough enough for me Explanations of how the music came to fruition were not good enough for me There are a few interesting bits in this book just musings coming from Nelson George Someone will get the musical criticism of Michael Jackson right one day but not with this book

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    The book was ok I was expecting a whole life of Michael's musical career from the Jackson 5 until his death The way his music changed with the different erasI did not get this I got a little bit of history with an analysis of the Thriller album I was disappointed

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    Overall an interesting and thorough exploration of what made Thriller the album it was and possibly importantly what it is today Why exactly is it the greatest selling album of all time and what transpired in the industry pop culture and history in order to make that possible? More to the point what journey did Michael take both personal and musical in order to arrive at the necessary place himself from which to create it? George is a reasonable critic who makes clear efforts to keep his perspectives on musical matters wide and informedThe book is split into three sections after a short introduction that offers insight into both George’s personal and professional connections to Michael and his work The first section explores Michael's beginnings as well as those of his family particularly his father Joe and gives a good overview of the layout of the music industry in America most specifically for black musicians around the time when the Jackson 5 made their debut and why their impact was what it was The second examines Thriller as a critical text one chapter designated to each track The third explores a bit of Michael's musical growth post Thriller though not in very great detail as that's not the intended overall focus of this book touches on This Is It and overall critical reception to Michael during his post 1985 lifeIt's not meant to be a biography of Michael nor an outright criticism of him it's simply an examination of his most popular and well known work from someone who has spent decades as a music critic who was working in this field when Thriller hit and covered its impact as it happened and has had several direct ties to Michael’s career Overall a worthwhile read

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    O livro poderia ter sido muito melhor se Nelson George não tivesse falado tanto de si mesmo Ainda que muito sirva para contextualizar havia porções que poderiam ter sido completamente eliminadas e que nada acrescentam Mas quando ele acerta ela acerta em cheio Ele sabe do que tá falando e ele descreve perfeitamente o cenário musical e da vida na época do surgimento dos Jackson 5 do boom de Thriller e dos anos seguintes ainda que ele se dedique bem mais às duas primeiras partes para quem não vivenciou aquela época ou viu com olhos diferentes através de documentários mais frios e leituras que não inserem o MJ na cultura da época Então ainda que dê pra extrair muito pelos olhos do autor em outras partes o ego dele fala mais alto e acaba atrapalhando a leitura Fora isso é bom sim para fãs de Michael Jackson e fãs de música em geral

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    Good emphasis on the music but a little scrappily researched Michael was married to Priscilla Presley and Debbie Rows according to Nelson and had a brother called Tariano Adoyl and wore too much rouge rather than suffered from rosacea a common side effect of lupus and vitiligo As a fan I can't help but defend him though can admit this was not the aim of the book It was to give context to Michael's extraordinary talent and skills and place him squarely in the black soul tradition registering all the discomfort with the change in his appearance such a focus produces Jackson's story is so compelling however that sometimes context seems feeble in comparisonAlso in his run down of every track on Thriller I cannot believe he doesn't rate Baby Be Mine On eof Michael's most virtuoso vocal performances

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    I remember reading this book and I also remember not even being able to make it through the first chapter because instead of giving me a recap on Michael Jackson's life I got a steady stream of insults and erratic questioning of Michael's behavior I just couldn't do it According to the reviews it got better but I just couldn't bring myself to read any I got this book from the library I took it back the very same day

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    George is an experienced music writer with an understanding of the pop and hiphop industry He gives an enthralling thorough and unbiased look at the King of Pop's rise to fame