Infiltration Super Bolan #140 ePUB ☆ Infiltration ↠ MOBI

With bloodied hands in everything from child porn to identity theft and spam scams an elusive Russian cybercrime organization is poised for the big score They've hacked into Wall Street's financial systems with a big prize at stake Called upon for a blitz Mack Bolan takes the network's top hacker into custody Using the tech wizard to help him infiltrate the group's Manhattan ranks Bolan poses as a gun for hireBattered by intelligence leaks and enemy fire from New York to Boston Bolan stays in grim pursuit The complete destruction of the organization's infrastructure is priority one If he stays lucky—and alive—Bolan will turn his sights on the scheme's mastermind Nothing less than all out war at the kingpin's Hamptons fortress and his Russian stronghold will deliver the justice Bolan demands for the victims of this ruthless enterprise

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    Not too shabby for a shoot shoot novel At least the uality of the writing is consistent considering the different authors who contribute to this series