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Before it was a show business genre burlesque was an attitude It was parody outrageousness exaggeration pastiche even grotesquerie If in 19th and 20th century America the term came to signify a variety show of light comedy dance and strip tease eventually descending to a plateau of triviality cheap sexuality and predictable gaudy costumes it has now Woo Hoo Ladies been resuscitated It's amazing what a feminist revolution can accomplish when pasties and sequins are introduced In New Burlesque Katharina Bosse takes a trip across the United States to meet and document every proponent of the unabashed renaissance that she can get her camera lens around Her colorful series of let it all hang out portraits of Babette la Fave Kitten DeVille Kitty Crimson Ruby Darling Dirty Martini D'Milo Starlet O'Hara Scarlette Fever Ursulina and their many sisters give a wild wicked stage to the very grown up darlings of a new century Whether pictured in a saloon or a kitchen by the side of a country road or in front of a parking lot these dames show it just how they please

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    Apart from a small essay on the history of burlesque this is a collection of photographs of various modern burlesque stars A range of women with different body shapes etc they mostly looked ordinary Not particularly artistic nor all that interesting