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Although Fala Rainwater has been anointed the next tsmishian—a shape shifter of unparalleled capacity—she can't help getting in the way of her own destiny When Tumsemeha is resurrected once a great and glorious evil comes to devour our world and now hides among the corrupted bodies of Washington's elite Yet only one man can get Fala close to her hidden enemyAs liaison to the government's most secretive and supernatural sector Agent Stephen Winter has just as much riding on Tumsemeha's defeat But who is Agent Winter really working for? With an unreadable aura this enigmatic warlock holds too many secrets and Fala will need to probe their depths if she is to become the earth's Guardian and save mankind at its darkest hour

10 thoughts on “The Guardian

  1. I really loved this story I only wish that it were long to follow a little into Stephen and Fala's life together all in all I wonderful story