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Mrs Harold Horrocks firmly beleived that embroidery practicing the piano and looking for a husband were the only proper pursuits of a genteel young lady But her irrepressible daughter Thalia found gentility stifling and yearned for Independence and Adventure Longing to escape that life she dediced to write a novel about courtesans Her dissolute cousin Lynton knows a lot of these ladiesso Thalia's soon making their acquaintance pumping them for the inside dope scribbling on the sly and running her innocent coz Letitia and her dizzy governess Miss Mallet equally ragged Dazzled by Lady Guenevere Shallot who's being painted by guest star D G Rossetti and heated up by the advances of libertines who mistake her for one of them Thalia fancies the demimonde life until the Marquis of Parringdon shows her the underbelly of London's vice

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    I loved this book The historical detail was meticulous and fascinating than in other books I've read in this genre and yet the plot did not get bogged down in meaningless or overabundant period detail rather the detail such as iron in the hems of women's dresses of which I had never heard before served only to underscore the themes of the novel which felt completely historically authentic and yet modern in theme and sensibility at the same time The feminism and human rights shall we say never felt like a huge stretch by a 20th century author And I loved the plot and characters and a surprise twist about the hero at the end I loved it that I couldn't even figure out for a while who the her love interest was going to be Just a fun read that also didn't shirk away from the realities of Victorian London And the humor I was captivated on page one by such very funny passages such as Miss Mallet pounding away on the piano So many characters were perfectly drawn and were funny and yet human and sympathetic at the same timeI read the newly released ebook version of this book and love the new cover I look forward to reading the next ebook release by this author now listed for this book as Waverly Fitzgerald