Lucid Dreaming Use Your Psychic Powers to Explore the

To awaken during sleep and exercise full control over what happens in dreams is one of the most amazing adventures a human being can have Lucid dreaming offers a direct link to the deepest parts of the mind the emotions and the imagination allowing us to release the enormous potential within us It is also a doorway into a new awareness of hidden aspects of waking reality Tony Crisp's practical exercises and step by step instructions explain how to become fully conscious while dreaming to use dreams for self exploration problem solving enhancing self confidence learning new skills fostering creativity and strengthening relationships 

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    I found the exercises helpful and well explainedThe wording and the affirmations are powerful and preciseand above all reading this book feels like being in a dreambecause it is so colorful and beautifully done with lot's of love to detailsI have a few books on that topic and this is the most appealing onefor now I'm only missing an electronic form of this book