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Develops the fundamental electromagnetic concepts and principles of guided wave optics from Maxwell's euations in a unified fashion Analyzes many important building blocks of integrated optical systems Discusses 2 and 3 dimensional optical waveguides optical fibers prism and dielectric waveguide couplers waveguide filters grating reflectors and spectrum analyzers The first introductory text to use optics rather than microwaves as a teaching vehicle thus making the subject matter easily comprehensible Numerous worked examples and homework problems included

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    If there’s a better EM PIC text I wana be buried with itLee’s book is old now 1986 and he doesn’t appear to have written another but it’s the best treatment of critical fundamental electromagnetic photonics found by this reader so far Since physical interactions at the photon level don’t change though new phenomena keep revealing themselves this book remains highly useful Newer phenomena like the whispering gallery mode in micro disks are not treated – but then no one else seems yet to discuss this either except in juried papers Lee’s treatment of prism coupling and the evanescent wave is pure love – with no typographical errors to boot The book wraps around Maxwell not the 1920s uantum gang so we get what Maxwell’s euations can give – that is a wonderful disclosure of EM’s handling without the deeper reasons why provided by uantum mechanics except in passing The evanescent wave for example results from Maxwell’s magic but how electromagnetic waves can stand still decaying exponentially in free space is beyond Maxwell One is left wanting but Lee tends to avoid uantum descriptions Oddly enough this exceptional fact of nature tends to be conveyed with a shrug from those in the field though it is widely applied in sensors of various types particularly in the bio sciences where molecular imaging has begun by virtue of these freaky waves and surface plasmon polaritons not part of Lee The pain of uantum reality is also clarified by Lee throughout that is things are not continuous in the micro world making life harder or impossible for some applications Great fun Should be on every readers list