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EATING GAVIN'S WAY by Theresa J Gonsalves Children's Non Fiction Gavin Young is eight years old and allergic to oats dairy eggs nuts soy and wheatanything that comes from a cow yes that's right no red meat Eating is what helps us survive It's something we must do every day Imagine how hard daily life is for Gavin and his family EATING GAVIN'S WAY introduces you to life for the Young family as they deal with the many food allergies Gavin and his brother Jacob are afflicted with It is written for children as well as adults to help children understand why they can't share their lunch with Gavin It shows how the Young family deals with life situations like holidays school birthday parties and other events where food is served The author writes on behalf of Gavin The doctor gave us an Epi pen That's a needle filled with lifesaving medicine Written with rhymes and beautifully illustrated by Kathy Garren EATING GAVIN'S WAY is a fun easy to read book that will help those dealing with allergies and help those without them get a better understanding

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