Soaring Above Co Addiction Twin Feather Publishing Epub

Soaring Above Co Addiction is an amazing narrative that will lift the mind and raise the spirit of every reader Lisa effectively integrates timeless wisdom spiritual concepts and proven recovery techniques into a format designed to help you overcome fear and take back your life

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    Learn to take control and finally feel good about yourselfIn this enlightening and down to earth book Lisa reveals a treasure trove of possibilities to the reader who may feel hopeless beaten down and defeated Through her own real life example she takes us on her journey of creative discovery and ultimate victory in spite of the odds that were stacked against herLisa leads by example showing how you can understand and empathize but not enable your loved one walk away from a situation without anger take control and finally feel good about yourselfThis book is packed with hundreds of practical easy to implement tips for being prepared so that you have a plan of action no matter what Once a person realizes that they really can control how they react to these outside influences positive changes happen and a new sense of calm and confidence is bornSoaring Above Co Addiction fills a much needed void in this genre of literatureJudy Herzanek Co Author Why Don't They Just Quit? What families and friends need to know about addiction and recovery

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    This book won the Indie Excellence Award in the Addiction and Recovery category