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Mind your casteRani Trader was born a merchant but now she is an apprentice in the prestigious Glasswrights' Guild When Rani witnesses the murder of the Crown Prince she's accused of being the killerOn the run and labeled a traitor Rani must travel the city streets masquerading through her kingdom's strict castes as she attempts to discover the actual assassin Along the way Rani meets true friends and false leaders She discovers a secret brotherhood and she must determine who is her greatest ally and who is her most bitter enemyMind your caste Rani is told But what good will that do if her caste gets her killed before she can expose the Prince's actual murderer?

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    This was a light fun fast read especially after Rushdie Set in a medieval style fantasy world a young apprentice accidentally uncovers a plot against the royal family within her guild Her attempts to do the right thing only get her deeper in trouble as she unwittingly gets involved in secret societies on both sides of a political conflictI did have some problems with the book with the title I would have expected the author to do some research into glassblowing and traditional methods of working with glass We don't get to see any of that The protagonist Rani could have been in any guild When as punishment the guild is disbanded too there's no mention of how glass might be valuable to society and where they're going to get it if all glasswrightsare bannedAlso Rani is hopelessly naive That's ok some people are But the author makes it painfully obvious who's lying or whatever and that Rani doesn't see it The book would be entertaining if things were equally opaque or transparent to both the reader and the protagonistLastly I really had a personal problem with the author portraying a strict oppressive caste system as being good I know it's important to understand all sides of an issue but I didn't feel there was enough exploration of the issue to justify her stance

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    This was in the end a pretty fun read but it was also not a particularly well written book What I liked about it was that the plot bounced along at a nice pace lively but without seeming breakneck I also enjoyed the sense that the gods were literally helping the protagonist a 13 year old girl escape from various plots to capture her and find clues to solve a murder Caveat It had better have been the gods' intervention otherwise this story was too plugged with useful coincidences to be reasonableI also didn't dislike too many things although there was quite a lot of low grade Oh come on moments in the novel For example at one point the protagonist is told her whole family except for one brother has been put to death And she doesn't fall apart at that moment which just does not seem believable given the kid had a large loving family The author hangs a lampshade on that hiccup by saying the protagonist can't quite believe it's true but the truth is obviously that it would get in the way of the plot if she reacted appropriately right there and thenMy biggest issue with the book is that it seems given the young protagonist and the slightly simplistic writing style that this would really appeal to younger readers but there're some events in the book that are pretty damned icky and not okay for it really be aimed at that target audience Near the start of the book an old woman is threatened with rape Then later in the book the protagonist herself 13 years old remember is sexually assaulted by a man trying to force her into oral sex Although that doesn't happen she then goes on to rely on that man for her protection The author tries to hang a lampshade on this bit of creepiness too by saying she was loath to trust a man who pawed young girls but HELLO HE TRIED TO RAPE A KID THAT'S A BIT BEYOND PAWING OMGSo I won't be reading in this series because although this book had its entertainment value it wasn't particularly good and it did have some very creepy off notes

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    This is book one of a new fantasy series Rather dark with the usual female protagonist selected for some huge prophesy that will turn her world inside out but make not just HER but her WORLD better in the process concept but you are allowed with the addition of a lot of different types of characters to wonder whether or not our Heroine is really going to make things better after allI just have one wish for those who write these books can you freaking PLEASE make the heroine LESS clueless? I mean I am so very tired of everyone around them knowing so much but refusing to share any of teh knowledge as it might I dunno allow the heroine to make the RIGHT decision without killing her best friend or giving her some other horrid psychic wound? Sheesh

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    The plot was ill organized and it left the reader feeling almost as lost as Rani until the end It felt like a bunch of short stories jumbled together They happened to have one character in common and they were all set in the same city Other than that I couldn't connect the pieces much until Rani had met with the brotherhood where she stupidly agrees to join their treachery because she doesn't realize they're lying although she suspects everyone else she meets of lyingAnyway I disliked the main character Rani is rather stupid She flits around from caste to caste getting many people killed her guild her family She is also very slow to realize what is going on She also too readily makes accusations against others It's the younger prince It's the older prince's fault It's the younger prince's fault All in the same dayPeople treated her too nicely The cook gave her life for Rani for no real reason that I could tell Then others constantly kept making amends for Rani forgiving her for killing a man even Also at the end the prince told Rani that the Fellowship had been watching her for some time now making her sound important when all she managed to do was get people killedThe end was completely unbelievable All along they had this stone that could tell lies from truth and they hadn't used it before? Why didn't they use it to learn that all the glasswrights did not know where Rani was and hadn't conspired against the prince? No the king has all the glasswrights tortured to death instead Also when Rani makes her accusations against the king's counselor and against the queen they all accept her word even when she has no proofIt was like Oh Rani the girl who is on trial must be forgiven Instead let's behead the queen and nobleman and cohorts on Rani's word Rani killed a man but we'll let her go They had a thief's thumb chopped off but Rani who murdered the crown prince's personal soldier isn't punished at allGood points I liked the world with the pilgrims and the dangers hinted at outside the city I liked the way the castes were set up with the syllables indicating rank