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Christine Cameron is at a crossroads Again She has survived the murder of her lover and found new romance She has won the challenge of a hostile takeover of her company and made it thrive Now all she has to do is repeat the process all over again But this time her life will hang in the balance Evidence suggests her girlfriend is cheating At work an evil power monger is trying to cut Chris out of power Chris decides after nearly dying on a hiking trip in the Mojave Desert that she needs to hone her survival skills and reflect on her relationship And she wants to do it in the company of an exciting new woman she meets while recovering from her accident Little does she know the secrets that will be uncovered in a modern day ghost town and the danger that waits as she seeks a compass for her life Finding Polaris is about adventure love integrity and survival Borrowing from recent history the novel is set in the rugged desert bordering Joshua Tree National Park and is loosely based on events that happened to the one time flourishing town of Eagle Mountain now an abandoned monument to the ambition of a pioneer in the art of corporate profiteering

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