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Since Celia Green wrote her original study of lucid dreaming in 1968 interest in the field has spread and new research findings have been generated Lucid Dreaming is both a review of these developments and a new contribution to the theoretical interpretation of the subject Three main areas are covered the phenomenology of lucid dreams what it is like to be asleep and dreaming and to realise that you are doing so the relationship between lucid dreams and other hallucinatory states and the practical applications of lucid dreaming Containing much fascinating first hand case material Lucid Dreaming illustrates how lucid dreams may be developed and how the dreamer may acuire a degree of control over them

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    Celia Green is one of the foundational experts in the scientific study of lucid dreams who was doing it back in the 60s when the rest of the scientific community thought it was crazy Most of what's in this book is common knowledge in the LD world now but still interesting to read from that perspective