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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online Pages 51 Chapters Balarama Arjuna Radha Devaki Yasoda Vasudeva Rukmini Saini people Draupadi List of Saini recipients of military awards and decorations Putana Meera Satyabhama Sudama Shurasena Narakasura Kunti Satyaki Subhadra Nanda Aniruddha Gopi Aghasura Shishupala Kamsa Ugrasena Jambavati Sandipani Pradyumna Ek na g Excerpt Saini Punjabi Hindi is a Rajput descent caste of India Sainis also known as Shoorsaini Hindi in Puranic literature are now found by their original name only in Punjab and in the neighboring states of Haryana Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh They trace their descent from Rajputs of the Yaduvanshi Surasena lineage originating from Yadava King Shurasena who was the grandfather of both Krishna and the legendary Pandava warriors Sainis relocated to Punjab from Mathura and surrounding areas over different periods of time Like most other Rajput origin tribes of Punjab Sainis also took up farming during medieval period due to the Turko Islamic political domination As both a statutory agricultural tribe and a designated Martial Class during British era Sainis had been chiefly engaged in both agriculture and military service since then until the recent times However since the independence of India Sainis have diversified into different trades and professions other than military and agriculture Sainis are now also seen in increasing numbers as businessmen lawyers professors civil servants engineers doctors and research scientists etc Sainis profess in both Hinduism and Sikhism Several Saini families profess in both the faiths simultaneuosly and inter marry freely in keeping with the age old composite Bhakti and Sikh spiritual traditions of Punjab Until recent times Sainis were strictly an endogamous kshatriya group and inter married

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