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This lively recording is a perfect way to introduce classical music to the entire family It looks at the music through the lives of the great composers and their environment from the churches and cathedrals that produced the familiar sound of Gregorian chant to Johann Sebastian Bach the family man composing for the glory of God and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart the child prodigy genius and prankster who wrote some of the finest music ever yet was buried in a pauper's grave The story will be taken to the composers of the 21st century This unusual and special production by the two most important brand names in classical music includes than 100 musical examples taken from the extensive Naxos catalog

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    I'm listening to this on CD It is fantastic I love the history and abbreviated biographies that include interesting facts Bach loved music so much he once walked 231 miles each way to see a concert The music is wonderful of course and they only include snippets which ensures kids get an exposure to the famous pieces but don't lose focus I'm listening to it on my own but I plan to put this into the CD player on the next family road trip This is really worth listening to at least twice

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    A whirlwind tour to beat all whirlwind toursA historical overview of classical music beginning over 1400 years ago with Gregorian chants and Hidegard von Bingen culminating with a brief listen to a snippet of the soundtracks from Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter must by its very breadth be an extremely cursory whirlwind tour that forgoes all attempts at depth or explanation That said no matter how informed or erudite the listener might be THE STORY OF CLASSICAL MUSIC provides an entertaining 4 CD collection of musical excerpts that spans history spans musical styles and spans the globe From ancient to avant garde from ridiculous to sublime from pianissimo to con belto fortissimo there's something here for everybody and a springboard from which any listener no matter how young or old no matter how educated or new to the listening of classical music can leap into further researches in the ever broadening and ever changing field of classical musicDid you know that there is actually a performance piece of experimental classical music and no I am not kidding that is 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence The performer presumably a concert pianist enters the stage sits down at the piano and does nothing for the duration of the piece The music such as it is is presumed to be the background noises that occur in the concert hall What do you think? Would you be clapping wildly when the performer took his bows? In honour of the nature of the piece I'll stay silent on the name of the composerAnother juicy little tidbit I wonder how many other fans of classical music there are like me who were blissfully unaware that the modern Tea for Two which virtually any adult in North America can hum was composed by the Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovitch What a neat little piece of classical music triviaTo summarize shallow and of necessity only informative or educational in passing but thoroughly entertaining and pleasant to listen to for the entire duration of the 4 CD production RecommendedPaul Weiss

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    I enjoyed this audiobook It is really cool that they play samples of the music that they are talking about I learned a lot and I have much appreciation for classical music The only flaw is that I don't think they mention Georg Phillip Telemann He is one of my favorite composers

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    I'm not sure I would've listened to this audio if it hadn't been offered free for limited time However I did find that I really enjoyed this I Have been a fan of classical music ever since I was in the band in high school and I really enjoyed listening to some of my favorite pieces and trying to identify the titles and composers

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    Marin Alsop the fabulous music director for the Balti Symphony is the narrator of this audio book She is all about making classical music accessible so narrating Henley's book was a perfect match

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    THis book is best in its audio format downloaded from audiblecom Preferably in format 4 It is SUCH a great primer on classical music

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    A simplified overview of the history if classical music I listened to the audio book which has great samples of the music throughout I listened to the book twice

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    A good introduction to various forms of classical music and its development throughout history The work seems to be aimed at a young audience but it is also uite informative and I learned some interesting facts about both the music and composers The narration moves along at a good clip interspersed freuently with samples of music The story also relates the music to the culture and politics of the time in which the pieces were writtenThis is a great beginner's guide to classical music and should stimulate further interest in this genre

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    A challenging task to cover the long evolution of classical music probably best for someone with a solid grounding but a novice would do well to re listen many times This nice audiobook covered the topic uite well with fine samples Ideally this book would have been 60 hours long allowing each sample played in full

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    Enjoyable overview of classical music Great listen for kids