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Vancouver photographer Thomas McCall’s summer gets off to a rocky start when his hearing impaired 12 year old daughter arrives for a visit with pet ferret in tow his parents’ marriage hits the rocks his assistant unaccountably botches a batch of film his girlfriend pushes for a commitment he can’t make and the houseboat he lives on starts to sink In other words the usual complications of a busy life Nothing he can’t cope with That is until Carla his stunningly beautiful former lover walks back into his life unapologetic for having ripped off his stereo computer and expensive albeit broken Hassleblad camera when she walked out on him two years earlier Worse she now needs McCall to find her a place where she can hide away for a few days no questions asked McCall still hopelessly in lust with her reluctantly agrees But Carla never turns up at the hideaway And now her menacing new boyfriend Vince is frantic to find her – so frantic that he turns to McCall for help What has Carla done to make her run away? What would Vince do to her if he found her? And why against all sense does McCall start searching for her – finding so much than he ever wanted to?Vivid fast paced and funny If Looks Could Kill was a finalist for the inaugural ChaptersRobertson Davies Prize whose jurists deemed it the best of the many mysteries they received It was also shortlisted for the 2001 QSPELL First Novel Award

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    I finished this book a couple of days ago and now I've finally stopped laughing long enough to write some kind of a review I don't know exactly in what genre you'd try to fit this book mystery yes thriller I don't think suspense not much maybe we need a crime comedy classification or something but whatever this is a fabulous read Zack Walker oops sorry Tom McCall? this is Michael Blair not Linwood Barclay isn't it? blunders around in an absolutely hilarious escapade with the help of some of the most deliteful accomplices to appear in any novel with the expected maybe unexpected? consequenses and results I'd have loved to see Francine teamed up with Trixie and when Tom needs a good defense lawyer he can always slip over to Garibaldi Island and look up Arthur Beauchamp I guess what I'm saying is that while reading this book I got the feeling of Linwood Barclay's Zack walker series and William Deverells Arthur Beauchamp and that's pretty good company in my opinionI have all the rest of Michael Blair's books on my to read list with A Hard Winter's Rain probably next