Computer Graphics for Designers Artists eBook µ

Significant changes have taken place in the world of computer graphics since the first edition of this pioneering guide was published in 1986 The Second Edition brings readers up to date by incorporating the latest imaging techniques input and output technologies interface designs and two dimensional and three dimensional applications Computer Graphics for Designers and Artists Second Edition features a new chapter on animation that covers 3 D synthetic animation 2 D cell animation and production steps The original chapter on three dimensional modeling now offers expanded information on fractals and ray tracing techniques The first section of the book explains basic concepts and defines terms of computer graphics and discusses tools of the trade such as hardware software and peripheral devices Next readers are introduced to both general and specific applications of computer graphics techniques All the latest techniques are discussed for both color and black and white applications in chapters that address two and three dimensional drawing and design CD ROM videodiscs and graphics in multimedia and virtual reality output and prepress innovations including the PostScript language color separations and color laser printing input devices such as scanners and digitizing tablets body suits and data gloves and applications in the fine arts and hypermedia Functions and limitations of computers in the creation of images and objects are described in nontechnical terms Virtually all types of questions that may arise in the course of using the computer in graphics applications are answered Over 100 new illustrations many in full color are featured among theguide's than 500 drawings and photographs These visuals offer examples of what the computer can achieve in addition to clarifying various technical procedures This practice oriented survey of the technical concepts and applications of computer graphics will serve the needs of g