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Lying in the heart of the United States Kansas is a sprawling landscape of rolling prairies and rugged hills Readers will learn how the state was first settled thousands of years ago by ancient Paleo Indians and find out how it came to be part of the United States They will also explore the rich and varied culture of modern Kansas from the crowded streets of Kansas City to the rural farms of the Great Plains

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    1 TWIN TEXT “Moon Over Manifest” Clare Vanderpool 20102 RATIONALE FOR TWIN TEXT This Newbery Award winning book provides the historical story of Abilene Tucker a girl in the 1930’s who is sent by her father to live in a small seemingly dried up town where he father grew up This book provides a neat historical perspective of Kansas which connects with much of the history described in “Kansas”3 TEXT STRUCTURE Description and somewhat Chronological4 STRATEGY APPLICATION Compare and contrast would be a great tool to use with these two books especially the chapters in “Kansas” entitled “Exploration and Settlement” “Growth and Change” and “People” Students could compare their understanding of people and historical Kansas from “Moon Over Manifest” with the factual knowledge in “Kansas” and discuss how the two books shed light on each other as well as students understanding of Abilene Tucker’s experience in Kansas and their knowledge of Kansas in general

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