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Anna Laszlo thinks she is on a journey to save herself and find her grandparents' pre Holocaust home But what she unveils instead is the charm of a 400 year old nun and the truth about a love that cannot be touched Around every ancient corner of her new city a familiar evil threatens the life Anna has begun Leave the New World for the Old and discover Budapest

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    I am not one to write reviews but here I must The author is a friend and I promised her I would I found the beginning of this book scattered and slow to read which is why I give it 4 stars but after getting into the heart of the story one will understand the scattered nature of it The main character Anna Laszlo is runnng from her past but what in her past is she afraid of? The little bits of culture of the city of Budapest are intriguing to the point I want to visit the city someday The characters are well rounded to the point that you can almost believe they are real people and this story actually happened Tiffany is able to paint a vivid picture of the city people religion and horrors of the area The only other thing to mention the printing I have does contain several typos incorrect word than what I am sure the author intended lack of ink on the press and some minor spacing issues that I am sure will be worked out in subsequent printings I cannot wait to read the sequel to this book Thank you for an enjoyable read

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    This book starts with an American girl in Budapest She's confused by the language and the customs and the author shows that very nicely The details of the city are wonderful both enticing and scary I enjoyed the play of languages throughout the book as Ana learns about Hungary and herself Her flghts into romance and back into terror pull you right into her world I know the book is not really about her Jewish grandmother's house but I was disappointed with the way the book left that particular story thread Overall though an excellent read