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Hired by Nick Morietti and Steve Vanguard to decorate their newest hotel Julianna Lovette is determined to make a name for herselfNick and Steve’s raw sexuality though draws her like a moth to a flame—irresistible but potentially lethal When she becomes their lover she’s tossed into a world of passion she’s always searched for but thought she’d never findDominant and strong they take her in ways she’d never imagined and earn a submission from her she never thought she’d give When passion comes at a price she has to depend on them to keep her safe from an enemy from Steve’s past An enemy who’s waited for years for a chance to get revenge An enemy they believe she works forShe learns that trust will come at a steeper price But can offer the biggest rewards

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    I enjoyed this book a lot Julianna Lovette may not always have the highest confidence about herself but one thing she knows for sure is that she excels at her job as an interior designer Julianna is living on a shoestring budget while she is starting up her own interior design company She’s good at what she does but she needs that first big account to put her on the map After a rough evening Julianna just wants to end she is encountered by Nick and Steve who come to her rescue even though she just wants them to go away But they are persistent in doing the right thing to see her home safely By evening end both men feel a strong attraction towards her but Nick knows he won’t be able to walk away Now the uestion is how can they keep Julianna in their life? The boys are in town because they are in the hotel business and are getting ready to finish off their new jewel the only thing is they need to secure an interior decorator and the boys know who they want But as much as they would love to have Julianna to themselves they do want to make sure she is the right decorator for the job The interview scene was fantastic and not to be missed Much to Julianna’s dismay the other person up for the project is her ex employer who just oozes smarm I loved sitting back glued to the page as the fireworks went off before my very eyes Both men are in agreement that Julianna is not only the woman they want in their bed but the best designer for their hotel The only thing to do is get her to sign a contract Nick is an experienced Dom but his best friend Steve isn’t although has a rough edge to him They’ve never shared a woman before so there are some doubts and fireworks based on that which was rather refreshing for me to see in a BDSM storyline They’re out there but few and far between What I loved about this book aside from the likeable characters is that there was a fair amount of suspense and intrigue to keep the ball rolling complete with sabotage and kidnappings along with some really wonderful smexy scenes that balance this book rather well It was easy to get into and was hard to put down I would highly recommend this book to my friends or anyone remotely interested in this genre

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    “Be careful what you wish for” you may not be prepared for the overwhelming attention and intensity of two alpha men Julianna Lovette is confident in her ability to coordinate the redecoration of a multi million dollar hotel but in not so much in dealing with the enigmatic owners Nick Morietti and Steve Vanguard Julianna’s story is one that is easily relatable She was the tall gangly goose that lived in the shadow of a shallow pampered swan of a step sister Julianna has developed into a beautiful person inside and out That personal growth is conveyed thru the confidence in her work but she struggles to comprehend that she is a beautiful sexually submissive being Luckily for Julianna both Nick and Steve are very interested in teaching her just how desirable she is how being a submissive doesn’t mean she’s weak and how loving two men is the fulfillment of her deepest wishes Welcome to the incredibly uniue and imaginative mind of author Leah Brooke If this is your first “taste” of Ms Brooke’s work you are in for a treat Be prepared to be drawn into the story from the first chapter and still be fully invested 400 pages later Her stories are always multilayered and sexually intense One of the hallmarks of Ms Brooke’s characters is strength Not just physical strength but confidence While some characters like Julianna may need some convincing of their worth and ability to love you can see those characters standing so much straighter by the end of the story Crescendo is a beautiful romance that lives up to its title The relationship between Julianna Nick and Steve has many ups and downs but it’s ever building throughout the story When the three of them finally come together as one unit I could almost imagine an opera singer hitting a high A note It’s pretty intense to say the least There’s than the incredible romance to this novel There is a sinister evil that is lurking in the background for a large portion of the book but makes itself known in a huge way by the end of the book So will Nick and Steve be able to convince Julianna that the three of them together make the perfect family? Will the evil that is hunting Steve destroy their chance for happiness? Okay so you can probably guess the answers but believe me when I say you want to read this book Leah Brooke is one of my favorite story tellers and with good reason Her stories never fail to entertain and keep me waiting anxiously for her next book Pick up a copy of Crescendo and be prepared for some serious heat heart stopping adventure and breathtaking romance Originally posted at

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    Leah Brooke is an erotic romance writer best known for her Desire OK series and her Dakota series though my personal favorite was a stand alone Alpha’s Mate In Crescendo she moves the action to Philadelphia not exactly a glamorous city though Miami is thrown into the mix for its localeJulianna Lovette is having a very bad day Facing her 40th birthday finally working up the nerve to try a dom only to be mistreated then having a near accident as she struggles to drive home ashamed and hurt she gets to her parking lot only to have her blasted high heels send her sprawling onto the rain soaked ground Suddenly two men are there They followed her after she nearly hit a stopped car and ran a red light Frightened by them – it’s 3 in the AM and two big guys are trying ‘help’ her – or so they say she tries to flee only to be filed by a broken heelNick Morietti and Steve Vanguard are business partners and friends Steve and his buddies from his old military unit run security for Nick and Steve is also a partner in the newest luxury hotel Crescendo Since muggers rarely arrive in a limo Julianna finally calms a bit but the humiliation of the night just keeps piling up Then they insist on taking her to her sad little apartment and tending to her cuts Next morning she decides it’s just another embarrassing misadventure to put behind her She desperately needs the contract for the Crescendo hotel or she’ll be bankruptJulianna goes for the interview to find none other than her old boss there the head guy of a big design firm that gained its rep on her work but gave the open management position to the man’s girlfriend And the two guys who ‘saved’ her and witnessed her humiliating evening are the damn Crescendo’s owners She ends up with the job – much to her own shock But things start happening Paint colors are all wrong even after she checked them when they arrived a dozen other mistakes keep getting made It feels like sabotageNick and Steve have never been into sharing Nick is a dom Steve likes his women wild in bed He’ll step aside and let Nick have Julianna but Nick proposes sharing If they can convince the skittish Juliana who is afraid of getting involved hurt and disappointed again – especially with younger men she’s working for Steve is less than thrilled at sharing but the three find themselves taking slow steps to a ménage But the sabotage continues and Steve’s men become convinced Julianna is a mole for their ex CO who abandoned them thinking they’d be killed by the enemy Nick refuses to believe itCescendo is a long book for a story with such a limited plot but it reads well and the characters though not exceptional are well drawn The ‘Big Mis’ with the suspicion falling on Julianna is a stretch Who is sabotaging her is obvious It is the Nick character that carries the load in the story the central rock for the emotional turmoil around him There is obviously a second book featuring Gabriel and and Julianna’s friend Kelsey the object of Gabriele’s attentionIs Crescendo worth 999? Well it’s a good story and well written and I gave 35 unlike far too many erotic romance books but it lacks anything really original in plot or character I do like that there was time to develop relationships I didn’t like the same old ‘big mis’ ploy used here the price for an ebook makes me cringe At 850 I’d say yes but at 999 for an ebook that hits a price barrier for me – and judging from the low level of feedback on the Siren forum it looks like a price barrier for others Pricing across the board has really gone up 20% or It makes me pause just long enough to not buy as I used to

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    First of all I really like Leah Brooke's writing and although most of her books are about menage with some light BDSM included the characters have life and are not flat This particular story is different than some of her recent work as it is a stand alone novel a super novel actually So the relationship between these three people has room to grow and develop These two best friends are men who have never shared anything other than their business ventures and their life goals Now they have both fallen in love with the same woman a woman whose path they crossed uite by accident Yet her individuality and her latent insecurities that peep through the defensive walls she has constructed around herself fascinate and draw them to her Even though they eventually agree that neither can give her up thus forcing them to share her they must overcome their own possessiveness and sometimes jeolous responses when they see Juliana with the other person There are people who want to upend their latest venture and in one case wish to murder one of the partners I liked this story alot lots of tension suspense relational tug of war journeys of discovery about themselves that each had to navigate etc Certainly not a light weight novel and one I really enjoyed

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    Interior decorator Julianna Lovette has spent her life trying to prove herself just shy of six foot she is a force to be reckoned with in the work force but in her personal life she is vulnerable and unsatisfied When Hotel magnets Nick Morietti and Steve Vanguard meet her under unusual circumstances they both are instantly taken with the passionate woman who is determined to fight her own battlesNick and Steve have never shared a woman before but Julianna makes them rethink everything Hiring her to design their hotels both are able to get close to her and fall deeper for the woman who is turning their lives upside down When Julianna is put in danger all hell is about to break loose and all of them will uestion the trust of one anotherThis is a perfect example of don't judge a book by it's cover I love Leah Brooke one of my favorite authors but something about the caveman stance on the cover just had me pushing this book to the side The story was breathtaking and riveting I loved the beginning chapter and was sucked in throughout the story One of the best things I enjoyed about the book is that the menage was new and an exploration for the most part while testing barriers Fantastic read

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    I think this is the best of all the Leah Brooke books that I have read What is not to like there are two hot alpha males that are ready to love and care for the heroine There is a pair of mean nasty villians that you just want to see put in jail for the rest of their live There is heroine that knows what she wants but isn't sure how to get it and she is also tough smart and resourceful The topping on the cake is lots of really hot sex and a sprinling of Ds All the elements I need for a can't put down book that had me sweating and looking for the ice water in short order

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    Julianna is an independent woman she has to be She takes no mess from anyone all she wants is a man that can truly dominate her and fulfill all of her fantasies She even goes so far as seeking out a dom to assist but said dom was a bust and Julianna had to fight him off and leave In a state of distress Nick and Steve sees the frantic woman driving irresponsibly and follows When they catch up to Julianna and takes her home what unfolds is a journey of discovery and love for three exciting individuals

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    A Recommended Read Adventure suspense erotica and a love story so grand it will sweep you off your feet await you in this heartwarming mind thrilling novel by Ms Brooke To read this review in its entirety please visit

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    Amazing novel Full of action and romance It's not just an average erotic novel Definitely one of my favorite stories today

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    I really enjoyed this story The fact that the men had to come to terms with being part of a menage and Julianna's efforts to come to terms with her sexuality all made for a great read